United Nations Human Rights Council seeking compensation from China

Sufficiently compensate the International Community and member Nations, especially India, for developing biological weapons capable of widespread destruction of mankind worldwide. These obligations have resulted in psychological, economic and social damage only due to negligence and negligence in honoring international obligations.

China has violated the provisions of the International Health Rules (IHR) for international human rights and international humanitarian laws and serious violations. The reason for the UDHR is to explain how the epidemic started on December 1, 2019 and how Chinese officials were in denial by January 2020, with its president and senior advocate Adish C.

The petition filed by Aggarwal said: “January 23, 2020, almost two months after the first case of the virus was revealed, Chinese authorities announced their first steps to a quarantine of Wuhan. By this time, a large number of Chinese citizens The number had spread poison.

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