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You can take much advantage of the qualities and taste of Banana.

Banana is a fruit which is available in the market throughout the year. Its benefits are so many that people of all ages are advised to eat it daily. At the same time, people who sweat in the gym eat many bananas simultaneously, which gives them instant energy and the players also do not back down from eating it. If we talk about buying banana, then you should take special care of some things about it, so that you can take advantage of the qualities and taste of this fruit more.

Take bananas of such colour that are completely yellow. There should not be black spots or black marks on it. If such spots appear, do not take those bananas, as they will spoil quickly.

Take bananas big and thick. Such bananas are fully ripened, which also gives them more flavour. At the same time, if their size is small, they can be raw from inside, which can also cause stomach problems.

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