Farmer from Ummednagar are helping around 6,000 families from 80 villages

Many stories of helping the needy during the Corona crisis are coming out. One such family is that of Paburam Manda, a farmer from Ummednagar and his wife Munnibai. He has invested nearly Rs 50 lakhs in his lifetime to help the needy. Through this, they are helping around 6,000 families from 80 villages.

With the help of the local administration, they have also identified all the families who are facing the basic needs crisis due to the lockdown. The Manda family has so far delivered goods to more than two thousand families, while food grains and other supplies are being sent to the remaining families.

Paburam Manda has a son, Dr. Bhagirath Manda and is an IRS officer and is currently the Deputy Income Tax Commissioner in Delhi.

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