Thousands of people at Bandra station in Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai

Today, 21 days of complete lock down by the Prime Minister have been completed, but at 10 am the Prime Minister said in his address that the lock down is extended till May 3, in the meantime, around 5 pm, thousands of people at Bandra station in Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai. A crowd of migrant laborers gathered to go home. Here they started demanding to go to their respective homes.

Police had to lathi-charge to control the crowd. The mob dispersed at the behest of the local leader. On this whole issue, Home Minister Amit Shah has called Uddhav Thackeray and inquired about the situation. During this, the Home Minister told CM Thackeray that this would weaken our fight against Corona virus.

Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has heard the state government for the incident. He said, the incident in Bandra is very serious. The government will have to arrange for those who do not have ration cards. And at the same time he said that the government has failed to make this arrangement. “

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