170 districts hotspot & 207 non-hotspot districts : Lav Agarwal announced

(Shubham [email protected])

On dealing with the corona virus in the country and the situation of lockdown, Lav Agarwal, Secretary Health Ministry said that districts of the country have to be hotspot districts, non-hotspot districts where cases are traced and green zone districts where no cases are traced, Hotspot districts are those where multiple cases are coming or the pace of cases is increasing Hotspot, 170 districts will be declared hotspots, non-hotspot districts are 207.

Lav Agarwal said that the cabinet secretary had a meeting today with the Chief Secretary of State, DGP, Health Secretary, DM, SP, Municipal Commissioner etc. through video conferencing to discuss the hotspot and to devise a new strategy to stop it, In discussions Districts have been told to create Covid Care Centre for mild cases and Covid Health Centre for serious cases, Covid Hospital for critical cases where ventilators are also present.

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