Rahul Gandhi states examine is the biggest weapon against coronavirus

Corona virus is not the only solution to lockdown. Rahul Gandhi said, last few months I have talked to many experts from India and abroad. When we come out of lockdown, the virus will spread quickly. With the lockdown, we have got the time in which we can complete our preparations. To strengthen the position of hospitals, medical equipment and health services. So that when the virus infection increases, we will be able to deal with it.

The biggest weapon against this virus is testing. Right now only 199 persons are being tested on every 10 lakh people in India, which needs to be increased. With testing, we will be able to find out where the virus is and it can be stopped. In the last 72 days, we have done an average of 350 tests in every district, which is very less. If we want to defeat the virus, then we have to increase testing.

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