Railways sets special military trains will run on 17 and 18 April.

Special trains will be run to cater to the needs of the Indian Army. Army Chief said that till April 15, there was a ban in the army movement, but now the lockdown has increased till May 3, then special trains will run to northern and eastern borders i.e. Pakistan and China border, depending on the needs of the army.

Army officer told that two special trains will be run start from Bengaluru on 17 April and run to Belgaum, Secunderabad-Ambala-Jammu. The second train will go from Bengaluru to Belgaum – Secunderabad – Gopalpur – Howrah – New Jalpaiguri – Guwahati on 18 April. The Army has training centre in Bangalore, Belgaum, Secunderabad and Gopalpur. After completing training here, the army will join their duty. They will be posted on the border.

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