Does the microwave have the ability to kill germs and viruses?

Shubham Jaiswal ([email protected])

As we know, heating food before eating not only keeps it fresh but does not spoil for long. Ayurveda states that food cooked after three hours is not fresh. Heating the food helps in killing bad germs.

In 2007, a test was conducted at the University of Florida to determine if a microwave could kill germs and viruses. For this, researchers used dirty sponges that were soaked in wastewater and contained pathogens such as bacteria, viruses. They even included the Bacillus cereus spore, which is difficult to kill with heat, chemicals, and radiation.

These kitchen sponges were kept inside the microwave for two minutes with high power, leaving 99 percent of living pathogens inactive. At the same time, it took 4 minutes of rapid heat for the Bacillus cereus spore to become dormant. After which it was concluded that microwaves can kill germs.

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