Government has not permitted to land around 57,000 passengers from China.

Shubham Jaiswal ([email protected])

Playing it is safe to contain the spread of corona virus, the Government has not permitted to land around 57,000 crew and travelers installed 1,769 boats, generally from China, an authority said on Thursday.
All these team and travelers experienced Thermal Scanning, according to the WHO rules, the authority included.

Adhering to all precautions and laid-down protocols to prevent any further spread of COVID-19, cargo was handled at Ports. No shoring passes or day by day, passes were given to these 56,727 team and travelers on board 1,769 vessels arriving at Indian Ports till April 21. The 1,769 boats arrived at the Indian ports with load between January 27 and April 21. Of these, upwards of 1,401 boats arrived at significant ports and were permitted tying down at assigning spots for stacking/emptying of fare import payload.
Of the 56,727 team and travelers on board these boats, 49,750 arrived at the significant ports, the authority said.

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