Andhra Pradesh has hiked the alcohol prices by 75%.

Shubham Jaiswal ([email protected])

After witnessing chaos at the liquor shops across Andhra Pradesh, the state government has also hiked the alcohol prices by 75%. The government had earlier raised by 25% but that did not succeed in discouraging people from thronging the liquor shops. The revised rates will come into effect from this afternoon.

Earlier, Andhra Pradesh Government allowed the sale of liquor from today with 25 percent hike in prices. The price hike was imposed to discourage alcohol consumption. Later, the state government announced 50% more price hike on Monday morning to deter people from buying liquor and ensures lower consumption. While, the stores are permitted to open from 11 am to 7 pm, and people started queuing up much before the opening timings. The shops will be closed if there is a over-crowding, according to the guidelines. However, no permission is given to bars.

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