E-token system for the sale of liquor: Delhi Govt

Shubham Jaiswal ([email protected])

To avoid the overcrowding and practice the social distancing at the liquor stores, Delhi govt had launched e-token system for the sale of liquor in the national capital on Thursday, but govt issued official web link – – has not worked for many since the launch last evening. After showing the ‘server update in progress’ when opened Thursday night, the weblink is still throwing server error (500), till the latest update in this story.

In a statement issued Thursday night, Delhi govt blamed the ‘heavy rush’ for the server error, and added that the website ‘will be up soon’.
The Delhi govt had issued the weblink for vending of liquor through e-token after complaints of heavy rush, and violation of social distancing were reported from across the national capital.
The Delhi govt had allows opening of 200 liquor shops run by civic bodies, but only 50 opened due to overcrowding.

The e-token was intended to help people maintain social distancing and cut down on waiting time in long queues by specifying time for each e-coupon holder to buy liquor at a shop.

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