In past 24 hours, 3,530 Covid-19 new cases while 125 death has fallen.

Shubham Jaiswal ([email protected])

The total number of coronavirus cases in India has jumped to 74,281 while the death toll has risen to 2,415, showed the latest figures from Health Ministry. In last 24 hours, 3,530 fresh Covid-19 cases were detected while 125 deaths were registered due to coronavirus-related complications. The total active cases in the country was at 47,480 while 24,385 have been cured of the virus. The health ministry says 70% of deaths have occurred due to co-morbidities.

The government has said the testing capacity has increased to 1 lakh tests per day with 347 governments laboratories and 137 private labs, and so far about 18 lakh tests have been conducted so far.
According to the Health Ministry data updated today, the highest number of 24,427 confirmed cases are from Maharashtra, followed by Gujarat (8,903), Tamil Nadu (8,718), Delhi (7,639), Rajasthan (4,126), Madhya Pradesh (3,986) and Uttar Pradesh (3,664).

Of the 2,415 deaths across the country, Maharashtra accounts for the highest number of fatalities at 921, followed by Gujarat (537), Madhya Pradesh (225), West Bengal (198), Rajasthan (117), Delhi (86), Uttar Pradesh (82), Tamil Nadu (61) and Andhra Pradesh (46).

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