Greetings from Just Studio.

Bengal is going through a tough time and trying hard to fight against COVID 19 pandemic & the Amphan aftermaths. Prayash an initiative by Just Studio, had earlier tried to stand beside the villagers of Tulsibari, Chitarma, Rukni, Gobarna and Changuri at Purulia by giving them basic rations for survival.

Suchandraa Vaaniya, humanist & CEO of Just Studio has determined to stand by these under privileged people again on her birthday (21st May). Due to the natural disaster, the team could not reach there. Tomorrow Suchandraa Vaaniya along with her team will be reaching at Tulsibari to help them with some masks and mosquito nets as precautionary measures.

Prayash, a nonprofit initiative by Just Studio focuses on community welfare and development and helps the underprivileged people of Bengal and beyond in times of crisis and need.

We are therefore requesting all our friends in Media and Entertainment to come forward and help us out in this initiative by spreading the word in your own media outlets so that more people can come forward and some of the citizens of this country can overcome this crisis.

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