These Trains has been Rescheduled due to Cyclone Nisarga.

Shubham Jaiswal ([email protected])

The Central Railways have rescheduled five, trains that were supposed to arrive at or depart from Mumbai. The cyclone is supposed to make landfall at noon. The trains which were scheduled at that time have been rescheduled and pushed back to evening slots.

The timings of 02542 LTT-Gorakhpur will leave at 20.00 hrs in 3.6.2020 instead of 11.10 hrs, 06345 LTT-Thiruvananthapuram will leave at 18.00 hrs in 3.6.2020 instead of 11.40 hrs, 01061 LTT-Darbhanga will leave at 20.30 hrs in 3.6.2020 instead of 12.15 hrs, 01071 LTT-Varanasi will leave at 21.00 hrs in 3.6.2020 instead of 12.40 hrs, 01019 CSMT-Bhubaneshwar special trains will leave at 20.00 hrs instead of 15.05 hrs, which were scheduled to leave Mumbai area during the daytime, were changed tonight, according to the Central Railways.

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