At a current speed, India liable to cross 500,000 cases in 10 days.

Shubham Jaiswal ([email protected])

The number of reported coronavirus cases in India rose 7.6 percent over the last two days to 332,424, the latest data from the ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW) showed. This is slightly slower than the pace in the preceding 48-hour period, when the number of cases went up by 7.8 percent.

The death toll has reached 9,520, after growing 7.2 percent over the last two days. This is also slower than the preceding 48 hours, when it had risen 9.7 percent.

The death count in India has nearly doubled in the last sixteen days. The number of infections is now twice what it was seventeen days ago, and given the rate of growth in this period, could hit the 400,000-mark in five days and the 500,000-mark in ten days.

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