Diesel touched a New record in New Delhi.

Shubham Jaiswal ([email protected])

For the 16th consecutive day today, fuel prices were hiked in India. State-run oil marketing companies increased the price of petrol by 33 paise a litre, and that of diesel by 58 paise a litre. In these 16 days, petrol price has gone up by ₹8.3 a litre and diesel priced by ₹9.46 a litre.

Diesel touched a new record high level today in Delhi as prices now touch ₹79 for the first time in history. Diesel price is ₹3 higher now than the last peak of ₹75.69 touched on 16th October, 2018.

Petrol price, on the other hand, is at a 19-month-high level in India. Petrol’s lifetime record high is ₹84 in New Delhi reached on 4th October 2018.

List of Petrol and Diesel prices in Top Cities:

Mumbai: Petrol ₹86.36. Diesel ₹77.24

Chennai: Petrol ₹82.87. Diesel ₹76.30

Hyderabad: Petrol ₹82.59. Diesel ₹77.06

New Delhi: Petrol ₹79.56. Diesel ₹78.85

Gurgaon: Petrol ₹77.80. Diesel ₹71.26

Bengaluru: Petrol ₹82.15. Diesel ₹74.98

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