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New alarming theories – Airborne virus: It mustn’t be. So it’s not.Dr.Ravi Godse

Corona is deadly but I doubt it is literate. It doesn’t determine how it transmits based on WHO guidelines. If it were, it still would be laughing itself silly, when WHO declared on January 14th that human-to-human transmission was not possible. WHO was burnt once so they are not going to disregard any claim without looking at it, whatever the claim is and howsoever it is presented.

Come on. If it was airborne and staying in air for 2-3 hours as small particles, we would have declared a list of few people, like the winners in Hunger Games, who did NOT have Corona but most everyone else would have gotten it. To be fair, Corona is an RNA virus and RNA viruses mutate. So it is theoretically possible that it started as droplet and now spreading more effectively. But I doubt it very much looking at the trajectory.

If we are preparing for aerosol virus, that would be simple. We can’t. It mustn’t be, so it’s not. Imagine 15 to 20 feet social distancing. Best buses in Mumbai with driver and conductor but no passengers (then why run the buses?), no trains, no indoor offices with ceiling fans, no nothing. So in a way it is easy to deal with it. We say we can’t, shrug and move on.

The 239 experts who wrote the letter to WHO started this discussion. All human beings are precious and important, but looking at the resumes of these experts (available on Google) is a fascinating exercise. I encourage you to indulge in it. I wish New York Times could have done the same.

Droplet vs. Aerosol is basically a matter of size. Droplets are heavy and fall to the ground and extinction quickly, while airborne particles linger. Is it possible that in some instances, in poorly ventilated indoor spaces, the droplets are behaving differently? Absolutely. Should we study it? Absolutely. If credible evidence is found, should we change guidelines? Absolutely. While we are studying it, should we be more careful in cramped ill ventilated indoor settings? Absolutely. Should we consider wearing masks? Absolutely. Should we do anything more than that? Absolutely not.

Many vaccines have reached stage III. That’s a huge seal. Such good news is being drowned out with all this other noise. There is another potential good news. I won’t tell you. You got to trust me on that one. Though I have a lot of experience in dealing with people with Corona symptoms in the community, I don’t consider myself an expert so I can’t be reckless with words or actions.

These are my personal observations. I am biased but I am likely to be right.

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