In Hyderabad Man has received electricity bill of ₹6.67 lakh

Shubham Jaiswal ([email protected])

Hyderabad resident B Veerababu was left shocked after his electricity bill surged to over ₹6 lakh from a monthly average of about ₹1,000 earlier. A few days ago, he got the electric bill of ₹6.67 lakh for the last four months for his house in Amberpet.

A few days ago, I received an electric bill of ₹6.67 lakh for my house in Amberpet. I immediately approached the electricity department office to verify my bill, but they did not respond to my query. Later, I made a video, which went viral, he said.

He usually said he gets an electricity consumption bill of around ₹800 to ₹1,100 for his house but for the past three months, the electricity department officials did not come to take the meter reading or nor did they generate any bill.

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