Investing in ‘FAANG stocks’ now easier for Indian investors.

Online brokerage firm Zerodha was also planning to offer US stocks on its trading platform.

Amid increasing interest from Indian retail investors in the foreign stock markets especially US markets, a lot of platforms have emerged to allow investing directly in US stock market. These platforms make it easy for investors to invest in popular US stocks like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, commonly called as FAANG stocks. There is no minimum investment size and retail investors can invest as low as $1 for highly priced shares by making investment in less than one stock.

ICICI Securities, Axis Securities, MatertrustWinvesta, Vested Finance are some of the broking platforms that have recently launched the global investing services. Online brokerage firm Zerodha was also planning to offer US stocks on its trading platform but its plans got delayed due to Covid19 disruptions.

These platforms do not charge any brokerage. Some of them also provide professionally curated portfolios and theme based baskets. With these platforms, investors get easy access to diverse asset classes like global stocks, global bonds, REITs and treasury bonds.

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