National Sero Survey: Nearly 70% People Infected with Corona in Rural India

The findings pointed out that the seropositivity was highest at 69.4 percent in the rural areas.

A total of 69.4% of people were infected with corona virus infection in rural villages in India, revealed the much-awaited findings of the first national sero survey conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

The findings pointed out that the sero positivity was highest at 69.4 percent in the rural areas, while in the urban slums it was 15.9 percent and in urban non-slums, it was 14.6 percent.

Published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, the ICMR survey results indicated that the sero positivity was highest in the age-group of 18-45 years at 43.3 percent, followed by those between 46 to 60 years (39.5 percent) and the lowest sero positivity was detected in those aged above 60 years (17.2 percent).

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