Kejriwal Govt will issue directions for usage of ‘green’ firecrackers.

Supreme Court had banned the use of polluting firecrackers and allowed the sale of “green" firecrackers in a bid to control air pollution.

Arvind Kejriwal government will soon issue directions allowing the sale, and purchase of only “green” firecrackers in the national capital, Environment Minister Gopal Rai has said.

In 2018, the SC has prohibited the use of polluting fire crackers and allow the sale of ‘green firecrackers’ in a bid to control air pollution.

Guidelines are being prepared for the sale, and purchase of only green firecrackers in Delhi. Soon, we will issue the directions to departments concerned, Rai told PTI.

The ‘green crackers’ are not as polluting as the conventional types of firecrackers, and they contain at least 30 percent less particulate matters such as Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide.

The CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute was tasked with the job of developing ‘green crackers’. But only a few varieties of fire crackers were available in the market last-year due to licensing requirements.

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