DRDO Chief said, We can make any type of missile that armed forces want

The DRDO chief Satheesh Reddy said the private sector industry has also come up to a very good stage.

To see the successful missile test in last 40 days, DRDO chief G Satheesh Reddy said India has achieved self-reliance in the field of missile systems and can develop whatever is required by the armed forces within the country itself.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has conducted around 10 successful missile tests in the last over five weeks including that of the Shaurya hypersonic missile, BrahMos extended-range missile, Prithvi nuclear-capable ballistic missile, Hypersonic missile technology development vehicles, Rudram I anti-radiation missile and the Supersonic Missile Assisted Release Torpedo weapon system.

Satheesh Reddy says one thing, the way the country has evolved itself in the missile system and particularly in the last five to six years…various developments which are going through in various tests which are going through, India has actually gained complete self-reliance in the area of missiles, Satheesh Reddy said

We are now able to produce any type of missile system what armed forces want, he added when asked if there was no need for the armed forces to stop imports of missile systems.

The DRDO chief Satheesh Reddy said the private sector industry has also come up to a very good stage as They are able to partner with us, they are able to produce with us, they are able to develop the system as per our specifications.



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