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Arjun and Mishri’s contract marriage created chaos in new episode of Sindoor ki Keemat

The contract marriage of Arjun and Mishri has created a ruckus in the house in Sindoor ki Keemat coming episode on Dangal TV. Meanwhile, Grih Pravesh sequence was shot in Mumbai in which Mishri entered the house performing all the rituals but will the family accept her ? This is the biggest question for the audience.

Vaibhavi Hankare, who is playing the role of Mishri, said that real marriage is a great experience, but Mishri is getting a contract marriage here, which has a lot of conditions, so she is not happy at all. She is doing this marriage under compulsion to save her father. She will do anything to save her father. Mishri may have been dressed like a bride, but she is not feeling like a bride.Because no one is accepting her in Arjun’s family. She is in a lot of tension whether family will accept her in future also or not?

Shahzad Sheikh, who is playing the role of Arjun, told that a big twist is going to come in coming episode of Sindoor Ki Keemat. Arjun’s mother has put so much pressure on him to marry Priya that he has come home after marrying someone else. Arjun Awasthi has done contract marriage in our show. My marriage with Mishri is for one year. Both have compulsions to agree to this contract marriage. But there is an appeal to the audience not to try to do this at home in real life.

Jaswinder Gardner, playing the role of Kalpana, Arjun’s mother, said that we are all surprised by this step of Arjun, what Arjun has done.

Kiran Bhargava, who is playing the role of grandmother, said that I will not allow this marriage to last. The audience will get to see big drama in the show. We all shoot it with a lot of hard work. We all go to our house only for 4-5 hours, our entire time is spent on the sets.

Prerna Sharma playing the role of Priya said that I am going to do lots of drama in the show . What I have done so far was just the trailer and the full picture is yet to come. The audience will enjoy a lot, I will not let them get bored. I am a big planner in this show, I keep preparing a lot of plots and plans.

Prateik Chaudhary, playing the role of Arjun’s younger brother said, “I am very happy that sister-in-law has arrived.

All the actors said that we all have a very good bonding on the sets. Whenever we get time from shooting, we sit here and do gossip ,make reels and funny videos . Sindoor Ki Keemat is aired on Dangal TV from Monday to Saturday at 9 PM.

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